Converting To Pelican

I've been running my blog with Habari for a while now and while there are a lot of things I like about the platform (the comment system and the admin interface, mostly), I find the lack of decent themes, the need to either write posts in raw HTML or use one of the WYSIWYG editor plugins that never seem to work for me and the constant plugin breakage between releases to be more annoying than I want to put up with. Yes, I could start contributing to the project but I don't know PHP and at the moment, I'm not very interested in learning a new language.

So I'm completely switching gears from a dynamic setup to a static site generated with Pelican and comments hosted through Disqus. I'm planning to look into comments using talkatv so that I'm not relying on an external service but disqus works for now :)

So far, I'm really liking Pelican. Writing posts offline in ReST is a huge improvement over HTML or WYSIWYG in my mind and with the static files, I don't have to worry about databases or PHP versions - it's much easier to host. I wish that it allowed access to a post's tags within the post itself but since it's written in Python and using jinja2 for templates (both things that I already know how to use), I'm much more likely to contribute.

I still have work to do on the theme - I'm using the Iris as a base but I still want to work on using different fonts and I'd like to convert the layout to use some CSS grid system. I've already started work on converting the static CSS to Sass and Compass but the work on that is still ongoing.