I'm involved with several projects, some personal and others for work.

Personal Projects

  • PySprings
    • PySprings is a Python user group that I'm involved with locally. I've done several presentations and am working to help expand the group to help bring the love of Python to more people

Current Fedora Projects

Older and Stalled Projects

  • Taskotron
    • Taskotron is a system for running automated tasks which are relatively easy to develop and aren't limited to the types of activities which are generally associated with test automation systems.
    • Taskotron is in the process of being deprecated in favor of Fedora CI
  • Fedora Image Building
    • This started as a GSoC project which I mentored over the summer. It's not being actively worked on right now.
  • Remote Installation Testing
    • This is a project that would enable testing without needing to download images or have access to (virtual or physical) machines for testing. The user would select an image to test and could proceed with installation while the entire process was being logged.
    • The graphical information during and after installation would be handled by either NoVNC or Guacamole to remove the need to expose VNC or Spice ports or the need for a tester to install a client program
    • This was stalled due to a change in priorities. It's still on the back of my mind but I'm not actively working on it at this time.