Gooey Karma

When I'm going through updates to give karma, I'm usually using fedora-easy-karma. While it's a great tool, the information that it provides is a but raw and doesn't provide much in the way of information if you're not already familiar with the package under test. When I'm testing something that I'm not familiar with, I usually end up switching back and forth between fedora-easy-karma, other console windows to run 'yum info' for package information and repoquery for dependency info in addition to multiple browser windows for bugs and test cases. I'd love to have a tool that shows all of that information in one place so that the karma-giving process is a little easier. It would be similar to fedora-easy-karma but taking the concept one step farther - creating a GUI tool that pulls together more information about the package to test. This information can include (but is not limited to):

  • Installed/Available packages for testing
  • Dependency tree
  • Existing test cases
  • Bodhi Comments
  • Package Description

Using my most un-awesome Inkscape skills, I put together a very rough mockup of what the interface could look like (source svg file):

Rough mockup of a possible GUI karma tool

mkrizek also went through and put together some mockups using PySide.

This has been proposed at least once but we've ended up spending resources elsewhere (testing Fedora and AutoQA). While update karma isn't always the most popular topic, a well written GUI front end would make the process of testing updates less painful.

Therefore, I'm proposing a f-e-k GUI as an idea for Fedora as part of Google Summer of Code. If you're interested in the idea (either as a potential student or interested party), let me know!