Supporting Open Source Video Conferencing

I wanted to watch the Fedora Council meeting earlier today but ran into problems on all of my machines due to how the video hangouts work - you pretty much have to install Google Chrome (edit: removed part about Chromium as a possible alternative after comment about actual experience) and I'd rather not do that if I can avoid it.

I'm not trying to citicize the choice of Hangouts for these video meetings because there's not a viable alternative right now that can host, broadcast and record video conferences.

That being said, there is a kickstarter running right now to extend (an excellent existing platform) to support broadcasting and opt-in recording of conferences. The resulting library improvements will continue be open sourced which means that supporting the kickstarter campaign will be supporting open source!

I decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth is and backed the campaign. If you also want to see a more open source solution for video meetups, you should also think about backing the campaign.