1. IPython Notebook in Virtualenv

    Sat 17 March 2012 By Tim

    I'm a big fan of using virtualenv to keep development environments separated and want to use IPython notebooks with those virtualenvs. One might think that you could just install ipython and go but it turns out that there are a couple other steps needed to make this work. Before working …

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  2. PyCon 2012

    Wed 14 March 2012 By Tim

    While I could sit here and write pages on what I learned at PyCon, I think that it would be a bit more productive and readable to list a few of the highlights. Going into PyCon, my major interests were testing technique (for AutoQA), data analysis and visualization (mostly for …

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  3. Utility of Comparisons

    Fri 09 March 2012 By Tim

    One thing that I think we've all done in the past is write comparisons of different tools and frameworks. I've certainly done several in the past and they were read one or twice (by nobody other than my team mates) and are forgotten unless the topic comes up again.

    I …

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