Utility of Comparisons

One thing that I think we've all done in the past is write comparisons of different tools and frameworks. I've certainly done several in the past and they were read one or twice (by nobody other than my team mates) and are forgotten unless the topic comes up again.

I wrote up a comparison of Nose and py.test about a year ago in the context of finding a framework for testing AutoQA. I was expecting it to be much of the same where only people interested in AutoQA would even read the thing.

Much to my surprise, I just saw the conclusion from that analysis in a talk at PyCon 2012. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I think it's awesome that someone else found it useful enough to reference - that's the point with licensing stuff under a CC license. I think of it as an incentive to make sure that stuff like that is reasonably well written.