1. Simple Testing Session Example

    Mon 28 November 2011 By Tim

    One of the things that I've been thinking about lately is how to do more testing of builds in updates-testing without needing to rely on pre-written scripted test cases. There's nothing wrong with scripted testcases but they're a bit painful to write and they aren't always the best way to …

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  2. AutoQA 0.5.0 - Less Spam

    Wed 29 June 2011 By Tim

    We've been working on AutoQA 0.5.0 for a while and it has finally been released and deployed! One of the features that we've been working on for this release is reducing the amount of email sent to package maintainers through Bodhi.

    Currently, every test in AutoQA creates a …

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  3. FUDCon Tempe 2011

    Tue 08 March 2011 By Tim

    While I have been a Fedora user for years, I never really got involved with the community until I was recently hired by Red Hat to work on Fedora QA. I think that the ideal situation would have left a little more time for me to come up to speed …

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